Ryan Dutton
Cross Sound Partners
August 2020
4 Min Read

8 Mobile Apps & Tools to Strengthen your Financial Future

Credit Karma

This is a must have for everyone. The application is free and focuses on the consumer. This app specializes in credit scores and provides up to date scoring by two major credit bureaus: Transunion and Experian. With the ability to break down several components that make up user’s credit score, Credit Karma has the ability to rank them, show which component has the biggest impact and make recommendations on how to improve. The app also provides credit borrowing opportunities with banks and credit cards. Users will be presented the best options and approval odds based off their score. Lastly, Credit Karma sends notifications directly to users when there has been any change to their credit. There is an option for challenge by error or forgiveness put into place that allows users to question events that are affecting their credit score.


Stash is a mobile stock investment platform that allows its users to conveniently construct and fund their own stock portfolio. The application provides live tracking of the stock market and current events that impact the market and the companies you invest in. Regardless of your investment experience, I believe personal investing is important in order to become educated in the market. My opinions are to start small and be consistent, putting a few dollars a week into some of your favorite companies that you believe will continue to be successful year after year.


Truebill is a great money management application that tracks the users cash flow. By linking bank account, debit and credit cards Truebill provides useful information on users spending habits. This app searches your accounts for reoccurring purchases and subscriptions, while forming a balance sheet on your monthly expenses. It also tracks how much you spend on leisure activities, which helps when your trying to cutback on unnecessary spending at bars, restaurants, and other materialistic wants.

Split Wise

Split Wise is an awesome application that allows users to connect and split expenses. If you are frequently borrowing or lending money to someone or on a group vacation and continually dividing up a bill this is a convenient way to track what’s owed. The app allows members to share an ongoing balance sheet on what was paid for, by who it was paid for and how much is owed to them. When it’s time to settle at the end of the vacation or event it provides a receipt of who and what is owed money.   This works great when you’re the person who tends to layout money upfront either for a deposit or restaurant bill instead of scrambling to collect and playing the IOU game.


This is obvious and if you have not utilized the app to pay someone you are missing out. Venmo is a way to transfer money to someone instantaneously. It gets connected to your bank account or debit card and within seconds can complete a money transfer. The best part is requesting money from someone! If someone owes you money you can request it and that person will receive the notification. The notification will not go away until the person either pays you or declines the transaction. It also saves who you accepted or sent money too which is always nice if someone forgot you paid them.

Gas Buddy & Hopper

These are two great apps if you’re looking to save money on traveling. Gas buddy simply searches your local area and provides daily gas prices. Saving a few dollars every time you fill the tank will add up over the years. If you don’t want to drive out of the way for a few bucks you can at least make sure you’re not going to the gas station with the highest prices. Hopper on the other hand is a flight app that searches for the cheapest flight along with the best total travel time. If you know you’re traveling in advance the user can enter in the dates they’re looking to travel, and it will tell you when the best time would be to book this flight. It goes off past trends for traveling to that destination and will recommend to either buy the flight now or to hold off as the flight cost should drop. Hopper will notify you when a flight cost does drop!

E Money

E money is a financial planning software that allows users to upload all their financial asset, liabilities, expenses, and income into one location. Instead of constantly bouncing around to multiple bank accounts and various websites to review your bills this software brings your entire net worth together and more. This process can take time and it’s beneficial to work with a financial professional to learn how to effectively utilize all the benefits of this platform. An advisor that has all the right information can produce an ongoing financial plan using your future goals to make sure you are staying on track to reach them. The advisor and user can also adjust and put in alternative scenarios to figure out strategies on the best way to save for a large purchase or retirement.

Golf Now

This may be a bit of a stretch but is a great app. If you are obsessed with hitting the links like my friends and I, download this app. The app searches for local available tee times. It allows users to filter how many players, cost, location, and time for your next outing. It also provides hot deals on openings to save money if your schedule is flexible.