Mitch Tobol

CGT Marketing

Managing Partner

When you think of Mitch, think: energized and energizing, innovative and creative, forward-thinking and inspirational, doable and accountable. Count on Mitch to meet any marketing challenge with intelligent, sensible and valuable strategies that will make your business thrive. Mitch’s broad range of experience includes international work with the New York State Department of Economic Development GEMS (Global ExportMarketing Services) Program assisting local companies to establish international distribution and representation. Mitch’s marketing/advertising expertise is matched by his insatiable desire to learn and teach. He has taught a wide range of courses in local colleges, including in the Hofstra University Certificate in Entrepreneurship Program, and at C.W. Post, and Long Island University. He is also a dynamic speaker who is called upon for topics such as branding, the new marketing paradigm, and LinkedIn.