Procurement & Cost Management

Procurement and Cost Management is a service we offer to our clients before construction begins. Procurement deals with the acquisition of all relevant resources necessary for completing a project. Cost management, on the other hand, is a systematic approach to ensure that a project remains within budget while satisfying quality, performance, and scope.

Our Procurement and Cost Management team deal with the planning of all relevant materials and resources required for the completion of the construction project, while placing value and client satisfaction at the forefront of our considerations.

We aim to acquire all necessary goods and services required for your project in a way that is highly cost-effective, minimizes risks, timely, and offers the best quality and client satisfaction.

We carry out procurement management before and throughout the entire construction lifespan by:

  • Creating an official procurement management plan
  • Requesting proposals and bid evaluations from suppliers. (Here, our relationship with local designers, supplier, and engineers becomes priceless.)
  • Scheduling how and when the various resources and materials are to be collected and managed
  • Monitoring and administration of the construction process through quality evaluations, management of contract compliance, etc.

Our Cost Management activities include planning and budget allocation; cost accounting and transparency, controlling costs during project execution, and assessing the cost performance of the project. Cost Management is a pivotal determinant of the project’s outcome and success.

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