Building Codes, Zoning & Municipality Approvals

Before engaging in a real estate development project, it is expedient for our clients to know the building codes and zoning codes existing in the site that has been selected. The building and zoning codes are what dictate whether the particular design in question can be erected in that very site. If these codes are not checked and the construction work commences, the buildings can be demolished later if found to violate the codes.

While building and zoning codes go side-by-side, they serve different functions. The building code of an area regulates the design or detailing of the structures to be erected in that area. On the other hand, the zoning codes specifies what a given plot of land can be used for and what kind of business can be done on the land and/or in the buildings.

All of these go a long way in determining if your real estate development will be feasible in any given area. Building and zoning codes are regulated by municipal authority and local councils through review of design plans and inspection of construction works in the area.

The details of the structures of the proposed real estate must conform to the building and zoning codes of the area before municipality approvals can be obtained, and this is where we come in. After making decision as regards to site selection, we then work with our clients to review and redesign the proposed real estate so that it conforms to the municipal building and zoning codes.

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