Accounting & Rent Collection

Accounting and Rent Collection are the heart of your rental investment, and this is why we make it a top priority to put various mechanisms in place to ensure you are getting when you should be, when you should be.

We conduct solid market research on the current average rental amount of properties comparable to yours. This helps us determine the right amount to fix as your monthly rent.

Our accounting method also allows direct debit for tenants. This helps to improve cash flow by saving time and cost. It also helps us to know when rent isn’t paid since the debit method doesn’t give room for excuses about checks.

We also allow a provision in the rental agreement for tenants to pay the maximum allowed by law for all bounced checks.

We understand that tenants will also be encouraged to pay on time when the property manager responds quickly to their demands, and this is why speedy quality service is characteristic of our property management tactics.

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