Master Brokerage

Acting as a master broker, we engage other real estate brokers as an extensive sales force in order to render assistance to our clients who wish to occupy several locations across several territories, markets and/or sectors.

We serve to coordinate the full brokerage sales force on behalf of our clients. As characteristic of us, we base our operations on the needs of our clients, evaluating the type of real estate they require, the time the transaction is needed, and then we develop relevant presentations of the deal. This is for the purpose of aiding proper propagation by the broker sales force, fielding important questions, and overseeing the different steps of the due diligence process.

Through our relationship with esteemed brokers in the different commercial sectors around the nation, our Master Broker experts have the ease of locating the appropriate brokers for the particular real estate requirements, and then we put these brokers under a microscope to ensure a clear and transparent deal is made possible through constant inflow of communication and feedback.

We serve our clients to ensure that they do not only get what they want, but what they need.

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