LIBN Article - August 10, 1983

August 8, 2017

Kulka Construction Management

A Major Factor in Growth of Hauppauge


Long Island Business News - August 10, 1983


The measure of success for any area rests on two factors; the first one being the type of companies that settle in the area and the second how quickly that certain area grows, Kulka construction management corp (Hauppauge) has played a major role in the development of the Hauppauge industrial park.


Since the first Kulka groundbreaking took place for national Sonics in 1977, the corporation has been responsible for erecting over 39 major buildings in the industrial park which collectively encompass over 1.5 million square feet. As a direct result of these corporations now located in Hauppauge, over 5000 individuals are employed.


Jack Kulka, president of Kulka construction management, states, “this six-square mile industrial area is truly one of the most unique areas, not only on long island, but throughout the country. Amalgamated with-in the boundaries are companies that range from high tech, service, international and governmental in nature. If you look at Suffolk country and its growth rate, one must marvel that in less than 20 years, this area now rivals route 128 and silicon valley un high tech and has made a major impact on the economic growth of new York state in general and long island in particular”.


Newest area of growth


         In October, 1982, the Kulka corp entered a new phase of its corporate growth. Corporate park, a 56-acre parcel of land, is now well underway for commercial and industrial development.


         Presently, one of the leading manufacturers of high pressure gauges, Wika Instruments, a German-based company, is housed in a 35.000 square foot facility and is significantly adding to the economic base of the region. Two other building, Amsco, a 45.000 square foot building and one of the fastest growing companies in the area of automotive parts and electrical components, and a 16.000 square foot facility for GSE Dynamics, a major manufacturer of ground support equipment such as tow bars , lifting slings, approach ramps and aircraft space parts, have broken ground with a completion date within the year, Koyo International, a leading Japanese firm , has also decided to make corporate park its new long island home, when completed, corporate park will have over 600.000 square feet of commercial and industrial buildings.


         In addition to being an industrial and commercial builder and land developer, the company has also constructed two multi-tenant buildings; one used for industrial space, the other as a standard office building. Due to the success of these two enterprises, the Kulka corp, by the end of 1983, will have completed its third build-mg designed specifically for rentals, it will be housed at 89 Cabot court and this also will be an industrial complex for lease.


         What single out the Hauppauge area is its myriad of hotels, restaurants and the proximity of a viable work force. One element that was missing was an ultra modern 10 screen cinema that will now be in the proximity of this Hauppauge complex. Kulka construction Management is proud to be a part of the new showcase cinema that will be built right off the long island Ex-press way near exit 52. This new movie complex will be owned by the Redstone management northeast theater corp and, because of Kulka’s reputation for development in this area, has chosen the company to build this 71.000 square foot complex.


         In addition to the cinema, Kulka will have completed an additional 150.000 square  feet of buildings that will become part of this industrial area.


         The success of the company rests in the fact that Kulka Corp provides “fast-tracking” a time and cost saving approach to construction, a management team to provide a client with the best product and an excellent economic rapport with the bi-county area.


         “I am proud to see how Hauppauge has developed” , Kulka said “I am sure as Suffolk county approaches the 21st century, Hauppauge’s corporation will play a major role in shaping this region.”





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LIBN Article - August 10, 1983

August 8, 2017

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