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Passing the Connection Monkey

How often do the connections you make work out? What does it even mean for a connection to “work out?” I’m connected to about fifty new people every week from my network – some because we share similar hobbies or interests, some because the connector saw a potential synergy between our businesses, and some because… […]

Written by on January 2021

5 Ways to Overcome Toxic Thinking

I’m a big believer that the way we think shapes our quality of life. If we have a positive outlook, our lives will reflect that mentality, and the same is true if our outlook is negative. It’s the cliche “rose-colored glasses.” You get to choose which lens you experience everyone and everything around you. Does […]

Written by on December 2020

How to Pick the Right PEO

If you’ve gone through the exercise of looking for the right PEO, you know it can be a daunting task. There are many tangible and non-tangible factors to consider. My goal is to give you a non-biased tool that will help you make a better decision on who you partner with. PEOs are not created […]

Written by on December 2020

How Shifting Your Focus Helps You Escape The Comparison Trap

As children, many of us fantasized about the future and the way we wanted our lives to be. Some of us dreamed about finding true love and living in a gorgeous house with kids playing in the backyard. Others dreamed of becoming peak performers, making tons of money and rising to the top of their […]

Written by on November 2020