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How to Leverage a Podcast Appearance to Benefit Your Business

In an increasingly crowded digital space, entrepreneurs are turning to podcasts more than ever before as a way to market themselves and connect with their audience.  Podcasts are a great way to increase visibility, raise brand awareness, and encourage engagement. Our friend Charles Weinraub, host of the Handsome Homebuyer podcast and owner of Mandalay Holdings […]

Written by on February 2021

Driving With Data: Advice for Startups and SAAS Companies

SAAS (Software As A Service) companies and startups, especially in technology, have a lot of tea leaves to read. In order to attract investors and funding you need to have a strong handle not just on the quality of your product but on the quality of your market. CASH FLOW IS CRUCIAL A startup lives […]

Written by on February 2021

Passing the Connection Monkey

How often do the connections you make work out? What does it even mean for a connection to “work out?” I’m connected to about fifty new people every week from my network – some because we share similar hobbies or interests, some because the connector saw a potential synergy between our businesses, and some because… […]

Written by on January 2021

5 Ways to Overcome Toxic Thinking

I’m a big believer that the way we think shapes our quality of life. If we have a positive outlook, our lives will reflect that mentality, and the same is true if our outlook is negative. It’s the cliche “rose-colored glasses.” You get to choose which lens you experience everyone and everything around you. Does […]

Written by on December 2020