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Book Titles: Their Role in Our Everyday Language

I recently came across a July 25, 2014 online article on the Mental Floss website titled “11 Movie Titles That Became Part of the Lexicon”. The gist of the story is to expand on the fact that “our language patterns are influenced by the movies we watch”. In fact, these titles can be so culturally […]

Written by on June 2020

Grace: Spreading Love Like a Virus

Quarantining in my spacious, at least for the two of us, home here in Mastic Beach the crushing world changing pandemic seems a million miles away. That is until I turn on my TV. Then it all comes crashing down. The reality of what has happened and continues to happen in bold colors on a […]

Written by on May 2020

The Biggest Challenge of a Lawyer’s Career: The Daily Improv

I graduated law school from St. John’s University School of Law in May 2009. Law school was a daily grind, from the hundreds of pages of assigned reading a night, to the two-hour lectures, each day was exhausting. After graduation, I studied for the New York State Bar Examination for six weeks straight. Every morning […]

Written by on April 2020

The Politics of Music: Part Three

If you analyze it, it’s almost shocking to see the differences in our culture pre and post 1965, with music being one of the clearest examples. For one thing, everything all of a sudden seemed to get so serious! Rock n’ Roll music now became known as “Rock” music, the masses evidently preferring to place […]

Written by on April 2020