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Building Blocks for Change: Retail Apocalypse

Last night, I had the pleasure of participating in the Weekly Virtual Real Estate Meetup Zoom Call hosted by my friend, Yonah Weiss. Yonah is a Commercial Real Estate Cost Segregation Specialist from Madison Specs and is the now the acclaimed host of the Real Estate Podcast Weiss Advice. During the call, which was focused […]

Written by on October 2020

3 Ways AI is Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry

An AI-powered world is not a futuristic prediction — it is how our society is currently shaping up to be. From self-driving cars to manufacturing automation, the impact of AI on industries across the world is expected to increase productivity by 40%. When it comes to real estate, artificial intelligence (AI) will lead to a deeper […]

Written by on September 2020

Q & A with Single Family Residential Development Specialist : Paul Musso

What is the first step for anyone looking to develop a piece of land that they own or are looking to acquire? First, you must analyze the property for what the highest and best use is.  Questions you should ask yourself are, what the current zoning is for the property, and does that zoning meet […]

Written by on April 2020