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Mosquito Control: Learning from Disney

Have you ever noticed the lack of mosquito bites you might have after a visit to Disney World in Orlando ? If you live on Long Island, which typically suffers terribly from mosquito infestation in the warmer months, particularly near the shores, you might have wondered why this is not a problem in a region […]

Written by on June 2020

The Impact Working from Home Will Have on Corporate Interiors

In an effort to attract and retain tenants and talent alike, corporate interiors have been looking a bit closer to home for inspiration. “Resimercial” design is all about mixing residential and commercial elements to create inviting, relaxing and comfortable spaces that inspire creativity, increase productivity, and improve workflow. Think organized yet flexible workspaces, natural light, […]

Written by on April 2020

When is it Time to Outsource Fleet Management?

Outsourcing fleet management can be a smart choice for some organizations. Here are a few things to consider before deciding whether to own or outsource fleet management to a professional. Finances and Cash Flow Many organizations that own and finance their fleet tap into their bank line of credit to acquire vehicles. By acquiring vehicles […]

Written by on March 2020

Financing Your Fleet: Is an Open-Ended Lease Right for You?

When it comes to funding a fleet of vehicles, organizations have several choices. They can pay cash, finance or lease vehicles. Most are familiar with the traditional lease offered by dealerships everywhere, but many people are unfamiliar with the concept of an open-ended or TRAC (terminal rental adjustment clause) lease, which can offer organizations major […]

Written by on March 2020