Ryan Dutton
Cross Sound Partners
April 2020
3 Min Read

Turning a Vision into Reality

This past year has taken me on a whirlwind. I lost 3 grandparents who I loved deeply. I was spoiled having all four grandparents for 31 years, Amen! I was in the midst of building my financial practice. I renovated a house with some help from family and friends. My mother got very sick in April, falling into a 4-day coma; she is all good now! I got to have some fun in New Orleans, Louisiana for my bachelor party. I later resigned from my fianancial practice and built something independently through a broker dealer. I moved into my renovated house, got married in Maine, and landed in with my wife in St Lucia. The very next day back I started Cross Sound Partners as well as accepted a nomination to be a LLS Man of the Year candidate. If that wasn’t enough, I come home and my wife tells me she is pregnant with twins! I’m just kidding, I can’t handle that yet.

I decided to write this not because I think I had more on my plate than others, as there is always someone out there who is faced with bigger challenges. I often think about how people can achieve amazing things under incredible circumstances. I knew I wasn’t performing at the level I was capable of with all the noise. I needed to first put myself in a situation so that when I do break through, I’m ready and my family is comfortable.

Let’s take a step back into time. I was broke and renting a two-bedroom basement with my brother and his fiancé, along with our two dogs. I was working out of my bedroom. One year later I’m writing this in my attached side office, what just happened!

I had a vision for what I wanted and how I wanted it and nobody was stopping me. When I started the renovation on my home, I had eight months to get the house livable so by the time we got back from my honeymoon we can walk through the door and enjoy the next chapter of the rest of our life. Here is the kicker, I only had money for material and at the time some would say a hack carpenter although I thought differently. The house was overflowing with garbage that before we knew it, a 40-yeard dumpster was full. I blew down walls, moved electric sheet rocked, patched and sanded the hard wood floors in the house, gutted refinished 2 full tile bathrooms, installed full basement kitchen, installed automatic garage door and my buddy re-did the pool. But that wasn’t it. I re-did the landscaping, sheetrocked, spackled, painted and fixed moldings. If you know anything about construction you understand the fine details that are unexpected like changing every outlet in the entire house.

The first thing that was completed in the house was my office and it was about the only thing finished. There I spent months building my practice by day and renovating by night.

Reverse back to now, I currently have a home office in Holbrook and a personal office in Garden City under my partners umbrella. I can remotely onboard new and service existing clients within 20 minutes from anywhere in the country on any of the products I offer my clients. I officially transferred all the existing clients needed for my foundation. My brand is fully designed and the website launched on March 27th, 2020.

Mission Complete. I’m ready to finally make a push toward growing the firm. Special thanks to the clients, family, and friends who helped in the process. It was a long exhausting process but sure am glad I did.