Robert Garland

Fund the First

Chief Executive Officer

Robert’s devotion to the first responder community has lead him to found and develop Fund the First after seeing firsthand the hardships that are faced both on and off duty. His goal as CEO is to provide a secure space for first responders and their family to request help in times of need.

With his passion for business, Robert was able to put his plan into action with the assistance of four co-founding members. Utilizing years of experience developing business plans and implementing strategies in the financial and business world, Robert built the organization from the ground up. Robert’s tenacity and unwillingness to compromise has been his modus operandi which has led to the development of this powerful, first of its kind product.

Currently, he is a decorated detective with the New York City Police Department where he specializes in complex investigations. During that time, he has developed numerous working relationships with various organizations and charities. Robert has credentials with the Department of Homeland Security, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and is an expert witness to the Office of Special Narcotics New York.

Prior to his career, he attended New York Institute of Technology where he majored in behavioral sciences and played outfield for their Division I baseball program. Robert also volunteers as a baseball coach and AED Director for Massapequa Coast Little League.