Closeout & Owner Occupancy

Project closeout is the last phase of construction. At this phase the owner is given a notice that the construction project has been wholly completed according to contractual agreement and that the quality satisfies the project requirements. The owner will then be issued a Certificate of Occupancy; the building is therefore officially ready for use.

During the project closeout, we carry out the following set of activities:

  • As the project approaches full completion, the designer together with the contractor will inspect the building and collect a punch list of all aspects of the job, including unfinished tasks if any.
  • We match the list with the contract agreement form to ensure the work tallies with all client requirements and construction management plans.
  • We then take our client around the finished work, explaining how each component of the building works.
  • Once the building has been successfully completed and all parts installed, our client will then be issued documents of completion.
  • Third parties, such as Government Agencies, will then check the work to verify its compliance with all regulations and quality control index, after which a Certificate of Occupancy is issued to the client.
  • All warranties, receipts, affidavits, bonds, etc. are issued to the client.

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