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Construction Services

Pre-Construction & Planning

The overall success of any project is highly dependent on this stage. Before any job is commenced, we carry out pre-construction planning to determine the project’s feasibility and demands. By so doing, we are able to help clients strategize accordingly to meet up with the project’s demands and goals.

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Procurement & Cost Management

Our Procurement and Cost Management team deal with the planning of all relevant materials and resources required for the completion of the construction project, while placing value and client satisfaction at the forefront of our considerations. Cost Management is a pivotal determinant of the project’s outcome and success.

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Design & Coordination

Design & Coordination is a systematic approach to the integration of varying project designs into one complete and unified design. Our team works closely with architects and engineers to integrate proposed layouts and specifications into one holistic design. We aim to achieve our client’s vision within their allocated time, budget, and quality specifications.

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Construction & Building

We take pride in our 46 years of construction management experience and use our experience as a foundation of how we work today. We believe the quality of a completed construction project greatly rests on the workmanship and management principles while building, which is why we search for the most skilled team of engineers, site managers, builders, and qualified suppliers to ensure the clients wishes are met.

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Closeout & Owner Occupancy

We take a proactive approach when it comes to the closeout of a project. Our team carefully matches the task list with the contract agreement form to ensure the work tallies with all client requirements and construction management plans. We provide the client with all necessary measures to fully understand the issued documents of completion.

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