Tenant Placement

As a property manager, we have the professional capability to search and screen tenants who have the potential of serving as qualified occupants for a long-term lease. A professional property manager is the best option to handle your rental placement from the point of getting your property rent-ready down to the finalization of the legal lease agreement.

We help in putting the spotlight on your property by:

  • Posting your property vacancy notice along with the photographs and videos on different advertising platforms
  • Organizing showings to prospective tenants
  • Carrying out in depth screening of prospective tenants by checking their credit history, rental history, income flow, etc.
  • Notifying you if there’s a need to make repairs, renovations or remodeling to better enhance the chances of attracting good tenants.

After we have successfully gotten qualified tenants, we then proceed to preparation and signing of the lease documents. Once agreement and payment have been made and tenant has moved in, our tenant placement service is complete, and we hand over the reins of the whole property management back to you.

Over the years we have learned that it is important for property owners to get the right tenant in their property at first trial. We are here to make that possible.

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