Site Selection & Due Diligence

The foremost aspect of the real estate development process is site selection. It entails a detailed evaluation of the project needs and matching those needs with the best possible site locations.

Site selection is a vital stage of the real estate development process. After understanding the type and purpose of the real estate to be developed, we then search for potential sites and gather all relevant information. We take a look at cost, location, size, accessibility, topography, tax incentives, etc., of all potential sites and then do a thorough comparison. We also take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of siting the real estate in a particular location. Such analysis helps us to determine the best-fit site for the project through practical comparison of cost and design features.

We understand also the importance of investigating both the short-term and long-term characteristics of each potential site, which is why we do not rush into making hasty decisions when it comes to site selection. To this end, we carry out proper investigation through due diligence. During this due diligence period, we carry out investigations to confirm if:

  • The zoning would allow the siting of the real estate in that area;
  • There is adequate availability of public utilities;
  • There are no potential environmental hazards on the site by conducting geo-technical investigations.

We understand that there is no perfect site; for a site that is not ideal, with a creative design we can still meet the requirements of our clients.

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