Capital Consulting

Kulka has a vast network of capital partners and investors that can help round off the capital stack of any project. We can assist with sourcing capital through common equity, private equity, and in the long term and short-term debt in the form of bridge, mezzanine, construction, and permanent financing.

For investors and banks, each of these financing levels comes with its own unique risk and rewards. Typically, higher positions in the capital stack earn higher expected returns due to their higher risk.

We offer a wide variety of investment strategies that allow investors to select a place in the capital stack that meets their risk appetite. Understanding the risks and rewards of each layer in the capital stack is the first step in creating an investment portfolio that meets yours, and your investor’s long-term goals.

Our team will build a detailed proforma by analyzing the investment from top to bottom. We will help balance the risk of the project by identifying the viability, proper financing strategies, and debt structure. We will then build a professional pitch deck to market the property to potential investors and lenders.

We will then assist in examining each of the financings offers as they roll in and help determine the best fit for your project.

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