500+ Ground Up Buildings Completed


Square Feet of Commercial Space Built

500 +

Ground Up Buildings Completed

$3 Billion

Construction Capital Mananged

46 Years

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Development Services

Site Selection & Due Diliegence

Site selection is a vital stage of the real estate development process. After understanding the type and purpose of the real estate to be developed, we then search for potential sites and gather all relevant information. Such analysis helps us to determine the best-fit site for the project through practical comparison of cost and design features.

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Building Codes, Zoning & Municipality Approvals

We work with our clients to review and redesign the proposed real estate so that it conforms to the municipal building and zoning codes. Kulka’s involvement in the Long Island community and relationship with zoning attorneys allows for an accurate approval process and quick turnaround for further development of the project.

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Concept Development & Program Management

Through supervision and organization, we clearly define the project scope, methodology, deliverables, procurement management, and all tasks required for the completion of the real estate development project. To ensure that the project goals conform to client’s objectives, it is critical that we analyze all risks, alternatives, and acquisitions of every development phase.

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Feasibility & Planning

Feasibility studies enable the client to understand both the upsides and downsides of the intended project and comprehend our intensive plan on how best to optimize profit. We declare the project feasible only when there is reasonable likelihood of satisfying all client and structural objectives by applying a strategic course of action that best counters all potential constraints.

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Capital Consulting

Regardless of whether you are buying, building, selling, or investing in commercial real estate, through our years of industrial experience, technical expertise, and reliable affiliations, we are enabled to offer you professional assistance in mitigating risks and maximizing opportunities and profit. We help our clients make important decisions and navigate the complexities of real estate development and financing through capital consulting.

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