Feasibility & Planning

Feasibility study is perhaps one of the most pivotal aspects of any real estate development project. Feasibility studies enable the client to understand both the upsides and downsides (or challenges) of the intended project, weighing them in and determining if the project is worth following through.

We carry out feasibility studies for our clients to determine the viability of their projects. It is like having a business plan. If the challenges far outweigh the upsides, and there is no possible line of attack to optimize profit in the end, then such a project is not commercially viable.

Since the primary purpose of any real estate development project is profitability, it is our foremost priority to estimate costs for acquisition outlays, obtaining development approval, machinery and operation, construction, titling, possible contingencies, and selling cost.

Our feasibility study will aid to:

  • Ascertain if any environmental impact assessment will be necessary.
  • Determine all permissions required
  • Analyze operational and maintenance constraints.
  • Offer assistance in developing project documentation.
  • Carry our site appraisals and geo-technical studies.
  • Ascertain if client’s budget matches their requirements.
  • Determine the overall viability of the project and then identifying possible courses of action.

We declare the project feasible only when there is reasonable likelihood of satisfying all client and structural objectives by applying a strategic course of action that best counters all potential constraints.

We then have to carry out, on behalf of our clients, intensive planning to see how best we can strategize to optimize profit.

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