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Investment Sales & Acquisition

We understand that the needs of real estate investors are not all the same, and so we take the time to get a better understanding of our clients’ needs to identify how best to assist them. Whether all you desire for you property investment is short-term profits, value-added potentials, or long-term income flow, our team of professionals will help you seek out the best investment opportunities in the market that best satisfy those needs.


Owner Representation & Leasing

With our long track record of asset management and property leasing, we offer owner representation to property owners and investors seeking to put out property on lease. Over the years, we have successfully negotiated and signed tenant and rental agreement forms on behalf of landlords and investors. This puts us in the best position to discuss with you and come up with the best solutions to whatever challenges you may be facing as regards leasing.


Tenant Representation & Leasing

When it comes to leasing, it is important for tenants to obtain quality property for lease, one that does not only house the features that meets their requirement profile but does so while giving them the best value for money. This is what we do. We scour the market in search of owners and real estate investors who have put up a property for lease. The foremost thing in our minds is your interests, and it is our value never to betray the best interests of our clients.


Net Property Leases

Net property lease is most common in commercial real estate leasing, and we offer services to both tenants and owners, enlightening them on the peculiarities and advantages of this kind of lease. There are three types of net property leases: Single Net Lease, Double Net Lease and Triple New Lease. Each type of net property lease has areas where it is best suited, and our aim is to put our clients in the best situation that favors them.


Master Brokerage

Acting as a master broker, we engage other real estate brokers as an extensive sales force in order to render assistance to our clients who wish to occupy several locations across several territories, markets and/or sectors. We serve to coordinate the full brokerage sales force on behalf of our clients. As characteristic of us, we base our operations on the needs of our clients, evaluating the type of real estate they require, the time the transaction is needed, and then we develop relevant presentations of the deal.


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