Scott Maskin

SUNnation Solar Systems

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Around the office, Scott Maskin is known as the “Chief Fun Officer,” making it his duty to ensure that his SUNation Solar Family, as he refers to his team, are happy, fulfilled and thriving at work. Scott can be heard in the halls singing his favorite tune and this sets the tone of the office for the day, always positive vibes! Scott, CEO and Co-Founder of SUNation is a skilled electrician, who established his own electrical contracting business in 1994 before becoming certified with LIPA’s Solar Pioneer Program around 2001. From then on SUNation has become Long Island’s solar powerhouse saving homeowners thousands on their electric bills and winning many awards along the way. Scott’s belief that giving back to society and supporting the community are the core values of the company and in 2016, SUNation Cares was established. This non – profit division of the company provides free electricity for life to select Long Island families in need.