Tyler Fox

JM2 Architecture

Senior Project Manager

After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Alfred State College with his Bachelor of Science Degree in Architectural Technology, Tyler began his long-term professional career at JM2 Architecture. His academic success and work experience in the architectural and construction fields has provided him with an excellent background in many aspects of Architecture. In addition to his architecture and design courses, he sought a minor in Business Administration, where he successfully completed management, leadership and law courses that have expanded his awareness of practical work situations. The experiences working in construction have shaped his understanding of what architecture is really about, and he has come to appreciate the hard work needed to make a design a reality, big or small. That is also true for working at JM2 Architecture; Tyler attained an insight into the profession that can be almost entirely unrecognized elsewhere. It takes these kinds of experiences to fully appreciate what being an architect is about, and he’s excited to learn more.