November 2020
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Is Your Business Ready For The Digital Marketplace?

To say COVID-19 was one of the defining events of 2020 is an understatement—the implications will last well into the decade. The pandemic rocked businesses to the core, disrupting everything from our operations and supply chains to our outlooks and expectations. And nowhere is the impact felt stronger than among the small to medium-sized businesses operating solely from a brick-and-mortar store or physical location.

It’s no longer a question of whether traffic will shift from local shopping mall to e-commerce website. It’s already happening on a massive scale. Pandemic-induced isolation and uncertainty changed shopping behaviors overnight—including what, when, and how we buy—forcing brands to adapt with the flexibility to meet those changing needs.

For the brands and businesses losing ground, the only question now is how to shift our resources away from the old way of doing things and transition into a digital business built for the post-pandemic world. And just like constructing a building, success begins with a structurally sound foundation.

Whether a rock-solid foundation means building your website from the ground up for the first time or auditing your existing website with a fine-tooth comb, the right digital professional can maximize your online opportunity and open exciting new doors for your business and brand—even in the midst of a pandemic.

The mobile factor.

A mobile-friendly website is mission critical to post-COVID business and marketing success.

There are 3.5 billion smartphone users around the world who spend an average of two hours and forty-five minutes on their devices every day. 69% of internet users would rather read a review on their smartphone than approach an in-store employee. And 6 out of 10 shoppers factor a mobile-friendly experience into brand selection.

The modern consumer witnesses the power of mobile technology every day as traditional businesses continue to prove the brick-and-mortar theory wrong. Just look at how food and drink companies—especially Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Panera—are integrating the brand and business experience into the digital world.

Less than a year ago, we only scratched the surface of how mobile technology could connect consumers and brands. Today, we can order a coffee on a mobile app and pick it up a few minutes later without an in-person transaction or even waiting in line. We can order a panini and track every stage of the delivery right to our front doorsteps. Smartphones connect us with just about any type of food we want available anytime and anywhere.

The message is clear: digital is shaping the new business landscape with no signs of slowing down. In our new normal, businesses with a digital option will outpace the rest of the traditional pack. A business with a poor—or no—digital experience will soon signal shoppers to search someplace else.

The google factor.

A search engine optimized website Google can scan, read, and index is another make-or-break business and marketing tool. From optimized title tags and meta descriptions to alt image text, a professional website audit positions the vulnerable links in the chain for search engine success.

The right digital professional.

Digital professionals are the bridge connecting modern small and medium-sized business-owners with the expertise to get a website up and running with a solid foundation, freeing up the time, money, and the resources for you to focus on the business side of things.

In a world where slow loading websites cause visitors to bounce from landing pages and abandon shopping carts, the right digital professional keeps your target audience around long enough to consider your offering. And when broken links create the types of bad experiences that frustrate users to the point of searching elsewhere, tying up the loose ends gives you the chance to make an impression.

The right digital professional also delivers the unbiased advice to audit your website with your best interests in mind and the honesty to give you feedback that gives you the best chance at transforming your online presence and business.

The foundation to move forward.

Equipped with a solid foundation built from a professional website audit, businesses can move forward with a growth-based strategy that sets the stage for long-term marketing and business success.

Build the right way and the sky is the limit. Just remember to get your website ready first. Because you can’t move forward without understanding where you started. Ready to do business in the digital world?

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