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Building Blocks for Change: Retail Apocalypse

Last night, I had the pleasure of participating in the Weekly Virtual Real Estate Meetup Zoom Call hosted by my friend, Yonah Weiss. Yonah is a Commercial Real Estate Cost Segregation Specialist from Madison Specs and is the now the acclaimed host of the Real Estate Podcast Weiss Advice. During the call, which was focused […]

Written by on October 2020

Success Through Connections

Since the beginning of time, connecting has been the root of human success. People working together incites human development. This has been true since the first human civilizations and remains true today with a rapidly expanding global marketplace. Our ability to connect with one another presents great opportunity. People are most effective when they collaborate. […]

Written by on September 2020

Succeeding Together

Everyone has different motives for success. Maybe you’re doing it for personal satisfaction or to leave a legacy. Maybe you want to provide a great life for your family or to make a positive impact on the world. Maybe you want to follow in the footsteps of someone you admire or you want to reach […]

Written by on September 2020

The Growing Demand for Last Mile Distribution on Long Island

Spearheaded by the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, this year’s rapid growth of online purchasing has resulted in competition amongst retailers to race to deliver consumers their goods faster. As such, the majority of modern e-commerce retailers need a dependable solution for one-day, same-day, or even one-hour deliveries in select cities. However, as more consumers look […]

Written by on August 2020