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Handling Your Employees’ Fears about the Coronavirus

The coronavirus is a topic on all of our minds, and as the infection spreads, people are growing more concerned. To make matters worse, the alarming rumors seem to be spreading faster than the coronavirus itself. To alleviate employee stress, managers need to focus on both the “what” and “how” they communicate to their staff. […]

Written by on August 2020

4 Tips for Managers Overseeing Remote Employees During COVID-19

The Coronavirus is shifting not only our hygiene habits but for many companies, also their work model – now asking many, if not all of their employees to work remote for the foreseeable future.  Telecommuting isn’t something new, but for many managers, this will be their first-time managing employees who are remote, and they’ll also […]

Written by on August 2020

The Best Answer to the Hardest Networking Question

You have a great conversation with someone at a networking event. You discuss each other’s business, find out you have some mutual friends and like the same sports teams. The two of you hit it off. Now, she asks you the daunting question “how can I help you?” How can you help me? Many business […]

Written by on August 2020

How to Create Biophilic Workplaces to Improve the Well-Being of your Employees

Biophilic design is currently trending, but what exactly is it? And why should you consider incorporating it into your organization’s workplace? Take a minute to close your eyes and picture your happy place. Think about how this happy place makes you feel.  Are you relaxed? Calm? Energized? At peace? When asked to do this exercise, […]

Written by on March 2020