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Cybersecurity 101: Protect & Detect – Part Three

Now it is time to begin the search for security solutions that fit into the business.  The goal here is to understand categorically the controls that exist to provide insight as to the proper fit.  While many terms that get floated, there are three verticals to start.  These are strategically designed to work from top […]

Written by on October 2020

High-End Home Builds: Owner’s Rep or Technology Consultant?

There is a growing chasm between homeowners and the construction process, whether it’s a renovation or ground-up build.  The void is technology.  Overcomplicated or oversimplified, it doesn’t take long to see why it can cause issues for the builders and designers, as well as the owners. Past experiences with home technology can sometimes bring up […]

Written by on April 2020

Cybersecurity 101: Identify the Risks – Part One

The first place to begin with understanding cybersecurity and how it affects your business does not involve any technological expertise.  Security vendors and products exist by the hundred lauding protection and to a certain degree play on fear-mongering.  That is not to say they are wrong about risks, but the risks might not apply to […]

Written by on April 2020

Cybersecurity 101: Foundation

Cybersecurity has become a household term yet remains mysterious in its meaning. Most initial reactions stem from movies and television, some hooded hackers with complex jargon dancing across screens. Maybe some have read about breaches happening all over the world performed by nation-states or groups with comical names. The reality is that cybersecurity is applicable […]

Written by on March 2020

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