Jody Fisher
Austin Williams
September 2020
2 Min Read

What Are Your Goals?

A wise man once said, “Aim at nothing and you will hit it every time.”

In the public relations business, much effort and energy are put into creating content, writing engaging news releases and story pitches, prepping clients for interviews, pitching reporters and tracking results.

But all of this goes nowhere without a clear understanding of your business goals.

When it comes to public relations, all our efforts must start with a clear statement of a goal.

Despite what I do for a living, I don’t believe my true goal is getting a client’s name in a major daily newspaper or on the nightly TV news.

Goals instead are things like:

  • Selling more of your product or growing your customer base.
  • Getting people to attend your event or donate to your nonprofit.
  • Getting your piece of legislation passed or your building built.

They are the things you do every day—they’re why you exist. Why you get up in the morning.

Media coverage helps you tap into the audiences you want to get involved in those goals. Attention in print, broadcast and digital outlets is the magic carpet that propels you closer to your finish line.

Experienced PR people help a client align an earned media strategy with those goals to help an audience take action.

Reporters and editors choose to cover stories based on either subject matter or geography, as well as assessing how much their audience needs to know about each story. Understanding that before you pitch your story can help you understand whether your messages will resonate with a particular reporter or editor, because the reporters need to make decisions on what to cover based on the audiences they serve.

So, before you write that news release and blast it out to the world, take a moment to sit back and ponder your business goals. Identify what you want to share about your business and what you want your audience to do once they find out about you. That approach—a far more thoughtful one than just seeking out “hits”—will allow you to find the media that will help drive your business.