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360° Video & The Real Estate Market

The sale of real estate properties post-COVID-19 has shifted from less of an in-person transaction to one that is driven by immersive digital technologies that attract and educate prospects. First and foremost, social distancing is not something that will simply disappear. It is clear that its effects will linger and impact the way people do […]

Written by on April 2020

Virtual Reality & Its Application to Real Estate: Part Two

In the previous blog, I covered the emergence of virtual reality as a powerful tool for the pre-visualization of real estate spaces. I also highlighted some of the crucial elements of VR. Now we will explore some additional benefits that make VR a robust tool for the real estate industry. Multi-Asset Creation from VR experience […]

Written by on April 2020

Virtual Reality & Its Application to Real Estate: Part One

The previsualization of real estate spaces has been elevated to new heights over the past decade due to the advancements in photorealistic renderings and animations. Builders, developers, real estate agents, interior designers, marketers, and others have utilized them to showcase what a project will look like prior to the completion of construction. The result has […]

Written by on April 2020

Extending your Brand to your Workspace

Everyone these days seems to be focused, if not obsessed with branding … of themselves, their companies, work product, work environments, etc. One of the best, most effective ways to accomplish all of these in one proverbial shot is to design and construct your “Workspace as a Brand”. What better way to advertise your branding […]

Written by on March 2020